Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 in retrospect

This year brought on a great challenge in creating a 20ft tiger piece that is on display at JWOK restaurant located in downtown San Diego on 8th & Market.
The piece is acrylic paint and ink on wood panels with a 3" deep set frame around each panel.

during the summer i was asked by the Little Italy Association to create an Italian themed painting on a power box in the main strip of Little Italy in San Diego

In September I was approached by Artwalk and Subaru to create a custom "coloring book car" which was completely wrapped in white vinyl, I then hand drew on the entire car. Next this car was displayed at Artwalk on the Bay 09 where the attendees were invited to color in the car.


Artwalk on the Bay in Sept 09 was a success!
This is a photo of my dog Navarre and his portrait.

Also in May 2009, Coffee & Art opened up just across the street from my studio, where i hang out almost everyday and sketch as well as display my latest pieces on the wall.
In the above photo from L to R, owners Ruy and Wayne along with my girlfriend Sulan.  They have quickly become an addition to the Flying Monkeez Family!

In December I made a new discovery of small wood panels where I experimented with colored pencil and ink, they both work together nicely.
Photo'd here were gifts for my parents.

Xmas 2009
I brought Navarre to my parents house, his wolfness was definitely taking control here.  I also found out he eats cactus!

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