Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 new projects - for - 2 upcoming shows

Valentine's Day Show at Bitter End - "Love Bites"
A Vampire Themed Art Show with various artists including Wardell Brown (promoter too), Rod Mojica, Matt Lorentz, Celeste Pedersen & more, Sunday - Feb. 14th (more info coming)

This piece is "Vlad the Impaler" - Vampire - will become a giant King Playing Card

Updated:  Here's a sneak peak at the Vlad III Dracula - Playing Card - 19" x 24" - will be showing on Valentine's night at The Bitter End...

Close up view of Dracula for further reading about Vlad check out About Vlad III Dracula

The next piece I'm working on is for an "Alice in Wonderland" themed show - mid March (more details later)
The Queen of Hearts / Red Queen - this will also become the flier for the event to be held at Voyeur Club

lastly, Navarre loved the El Nino storm we just had, he's discovered he loves the mud!

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