Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark Richmond's Original's at Coffee & Art - December Specials

Directions to Coffee & Art

These originals consist of Mark's Tribal series along with some of his new Japanese style pieces. All for below $500, great economic, collectible prices! Check em out, and grab a coffee from Wayne or Rui at Coffee & Art!

Cyber Monday Sale - Arches Watercolor Print Specials for Holidays

Mark Richmond Art HOLIDAY SALE - Cyber Monday Sale

Special pricing just for the holidays! These prices will be good through December 31st, however, if looking to give as a gift, or in time for Christmas, please order before December 14th. Or send me a message with your wish, and we'll work with you to make it happen!

These prints are giclee prints on Arches Watercolor paper - Mouldmade in France by ArjoWiggins, this stock is 100% cotton and acid free (neutral pH) with a semi-rough texture. Mark has brought this paper back from France and has printed his art on it just for you!

22" x 30" - $189 (regularly $300)
34" x 46" - $389 (regularly $600)
40" x 60" - $589 (regularly $900)

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free ebook download - Action Adventure story - QUALA - The Plush Planetary Takeover

Ebook Description

Armed only with squirt guns and water balloons, A 10 year old, orphan girl, and her Artificially Intelligent toy Koala, take on thousands of rogue Ai toys, deceitful humans, and gods to save the universe.

Free to download in these various formats:
Online Reading (JavaScript)
Kindle (.mobi)
Epub (open industry format, good for Stanza reader, others)
PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)
RTF (readable on most word processors)
LRF (for Sony Reader)
Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)
Plain Text (download) (flexible, but lacks much formatting)
Plain Text (view) (viewable as web page)

For graphics, posters and wallpapers!

QUALA - Escape from Headhunter Island - Book 02 - Coming Soon!