Friday, October 15, 2010

Pancho Villa Mural - Pancho Villa Farmers Market - El Cajon Blvd & 805 FWY

This mural can be seen at Pancho Villa Farmers Market - 3245 El Cajon Blvd., check out the piece, and don't forget to stock up on awesome meat and vegetable specials!! On top of that, a tortilla factory is right inside.

This mural took about 2 weeks to do, after doing some research on Pancho Villa, Las Soldaderas, and Adelita, I combined it all into one mural. I sort of guessed at the coloring since every photo i found was in B&W or Sepieatoned, I wanted vivid.
Thank you to all the shoppers that gave so many nice comments during the creation of this piece!

You can see more of the progress of this piece at

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  1. Very vivid mural and it is a salute to the Soldaderas who need to be recognized.